Tier 1 - Staging an authentic farmhouse in Vicksburg, MI

MI Home Staging Designed to Sell, LLC had the pleasure of staging a beautiful, authentic over 100 year old farm house for sale in Vicksburg, Michigan.  Potential buyers were having a hard time visualizing how to utilize the space in the main level which differs so much from today's open floor plan layouts.  So, the realtor called us in to help define the space.  

 The front room has a passageway through the middle of it from front door to kitchen and left visitors wondering how to best use the space. by selecting appropriately scaled and styled furniture with a rustic modern industrial farmhouse feel, we effectively defined the space, giving it an updated feel. 

 Adding a rustic, reclaimed wood table and bench along with some counter height stools helps define the eat in kitchen as a space potential buyers can see their families utilizing.  

The huge main floor master boasts beautiful hardwood floors and large windows with plenty of natural light throughout but left buyers a bit leery of the project all the dark paint and wallpaper would pose. By utilizing the homeowners gorgeous bed frame and plenty of white and neutral colored, farmhouse inspired accessories along with touches of burgundy and pink, the space delivers a warm, homey feeling to leave buyers excited about the opportunities the space provides while working with the paint color.  

The updated master bath is one of the most beautiful features of this home.  Accenting it with towels, wall hangings and accessories brings the space to life and creates a cohesive flow to the master bedroom.  

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